Dance Styles:

  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Clogging
  • Lyrical 
  • Creative Movement
  • Combination Classes
  • Hip Hop
  • Specialty Classes

Jazz reflects a combination of many cultures and changes with the styles of the time. It incorporates kicks, poses with accents, jumps, and turns. It can be performed to different kinds of music such as pop, rock, or jazz.

Tap involves a series of rhythmic movements focusing on the feet. It helps develop rhythm, coordination, and style.

Ballet this is the foundation to all dance styles and is recommended for anyone serious about dance or those who want to excel in the other techniques. It helps to develop proper body control and alignment, foot and arm placement, poise, and grace.

Pointe a continuation of classical ballet for students ages 11 years or older in which a dancer wears pointe shoes that assist them in dancing on their toes. A strong technical foundation in ballet is required.

Clogging an energetic style of dance that includes rhythm and precision focusing on the feet while incorporating arm movements. Popular with both children and adults!

Lyrical Dance involves using moves to interpret and express the mood or meaning of a song including showing balance, extension, and facial expression.

Creative Movement available for younger dancers ages 3-4. This class introduces basic dance technique in a fun & playful way. With the use of props and special activity dances, it helps to develop rhythm, coordination, and balance.

Combination Classes these classes are geared toward less experienced OR younger students who want to learn the techniques of tap, jazz, and ballet. The three levels of combination classes we offer are the foundation stages of our technique classes.

Hip Hop is a fun dance style that lets you forget about the conformity of the other techniques. This is a street style of dance open to interpretation from each individual. It involves using energetic moves to express the feeling you get from the music.

Specialty Classes are usually offered in the summer months to provide dancers with a different look into the dance world. Past classes have included Dance History, Theatre Dance, Stretch/Strengthening, Turns/Leaps, and Audition Techniques. They have proven to be popular and fun for the dancers, but also respected for giving students a better understanding of technique and the art form.


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